Old Parkdale Inn

A Hood River Valley Bed and Breakfast


Weldon wagon Road

By Mary Pellegrini

The Columbia River Gorge and the Mt Hood National Forest hosts more than 2 million visitors a year. Visitation often exceeds the automobile capacity along the Historic Columbia River Highway. Parking and traffic congestion is degrading the visitor experience and causing safety problems. To truly experience the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area the way …

By Mary Pellegrini

Lola Pellegrini,  @lola_pellegrini, #lolapellegrini on Instagram and Miss Lola Pellegrini on Facebook, is our canine hostess at the Old Parkdale Inn. As you can imagine she’d much rather be bounding through a snow field than sweltering on a hot summer day. We watch her very closely try to get her to the lake a few …