Old Parkdale Inn

A Hood River Valley Bed and Breakfast


Geocaching Wonders

By Mary Pellegrini

Get out and explore all of the Wonders of the World, in and out of this world! From Victoria Falls in Zambia to the Jezero Crater on Mars where the Perseverance Rover landed, your next geocaching adventure awaits. Two new levels have been added to Wonders of the World Geocaching Challenge: Natural and Solar System […]

By Mary Pellegrini

By: Mary Pellegrini A search for caches within a 10 mile radius of the Old Parkdale Inn, zip 97041,will show over 500 hides! Did you know that Geocaching started right here in Oregon? On May 1 this game, once known as the “Great American GPS Stash Hunt’, will celebrate it’s 14th birthday with over 2 million […]