Klickitat River Salmon Spawning
Klickitat River Salmon Spawning, Old Parkdale Inn

By Mary Pellegrini

By: Mary Pellegrini

Klickitat River Salmon can be seen hurling themselves up the 8 foot Klickitat Falls as they make their way to their ancient spawning grounds.  In September, salmon can be found in many of the tributaries of the Columbia River.  Most use the Klickitat fish ladder that the Yakima tribe has created but many attempt the journey upstream to their spawning grounds by themselves.

The Klickitat River roars through a narrow basalt canyon just a couple miles upstream from the Columbia River.  At the head of this canyon is the falls and the fish ladder.  Just down from the falls, in the narrows of the canyon, is a busy Native American dip-netting site, a fishing method used for centuries.  During the week, daily except Sundays and Mondays, you may respectfully sit and watch as the huge fish are caught with dip nets.  And sometimes purchase a fresh caught fish.  The fish get spooked on fishing days so you will want to visit on Sundays or Mondays to witness the uninhibited spectacle at the falls.

From the Old Parkdale Inn enjoy a scenic 80 mile loop, crossing the Columbia River into Washington, to the Klickitat River and back to the Inn, an adventure into the Eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge.

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Klickitat River Salmon Spawning, Old Parkdale Inn

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